Let’s Go Over It All Again

Some people are like that
They split up and then they think;
Hey, maybe we haven’t hurt each other to the uttermost.
Let’s meet up and have a drink.

Let’s go over it all again
Let’s rake over the dirt.
Let me pick that scab of yours
Does it hurt?

Let’s go over what went wrong-
How and why and when.
Let’s go over what went wrong
Again and again.

We hurt each other badly once.
We said a lot of nasty stuff
But lately I’ve been thinking how
I didn’t hurt you enough.

Maybe there’s more where that came from,
Something more malign.
Let me damage you again
For the shake of auld lang syne.

Yes, let me see you bleed again
For the shake of auld lang syne.

James Fenton.

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