Also I am not writing this for fun, but for several reasons which I will explain. (1) As I started by saying, because I want the entire truth. (2) Because I know of no truthful record of such a connection-one that is written, I mean, with no desire to appeal to a vicious taste in any possible readers; and (3) because I hold the conviction that as centuries go on, and the sexes become more nearly merged on account of their increasing resemblances, I hold the conviction that such connections will to a very large extent cease to be regarded as merely unnatural, and will be understood far better, at least in their intellectual if not in their physical aspect. (Such is already the case in Russia.) I believe that then the psychology of people like myself will be a matter of interest, and I believe it will be recognized that many more people of my type do exist than under the present-day system of hypocrisy is commonly admitted. I am not saying that such personalities, and the connections which result from them, will not be deplored as they are now; but I do believe that their greater prevalence, and the spirit of candour which one hopes will spread with the progress of the world, will lead to their recognition, if only as an inevitable evil. the first step in the direction of such candour must be taken by the general admission of normal but illicit relations, and the facilitation of divorce, or possibly even the reconstruction of the system of marriage. such advance must necessarily come from the more educated and liberal classes. Since ‘unnatural’ means ‘removed from nature’, only the most civilized, because the least natural, class of society can be expected to tolerate such a product of civilization.

Portrait of a marriage, Nigel Nicolson.

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