Capitalismo y crisis

One moment, the stage is empty. Next moment, the whole company appears, shimmering. There is one younger woman, and one older, but otherwise they are all men in suits- ranks of them. The Author, a tall man, sixties, speaks.

Author This isn’t a play. It’s a story. It doesn’t pretends only to be a story. And what a story! How capitalism came to a grinding halt. Where were you on September 15th 2008? Do you remember? Did you even notice? Capitalism ceased to function for about four days. (…)

Chair of Mortgage Lender If it’s a play, it’s a Greek tragedy. You’re going along in a dream, then the Furies arrive and boy, do they wake you up!

Ronald The whole thing is a complete and utter fuck-up.

Howard I think of the whole thing as a Shakespearian tragedy, and like all great tragedies it ends with bodies all over the stage.

Ronald Without heroes.

Paul If you do write a play, make it a comedy. If it’s serious it’ll just be political crap. ‘One side’s right.’ ‘No, the other side’s right.’ Nobody wants to see that. Make it a comedy, because it is funny. Tragic, of course, but funny.

Howard holds out some sheets of paper.

Howard I’ve written it all out for you there. You can use it if you like.

David M I can see everyone wants to say it’s a story about greed and fear…

Financial Journalist It’s greed, isn’t it? It’s pure greed.

Jon M It’s greed, fear and complacency.

Harry People literally driven insane by greed.

Chair of Mortgage Lender Fear and greed drive capitalism. Capitalism works when greed and fear are in the correct balance. This time they got out of balance. Too much greed, not enough fear. Shocked, are you? Shocked? Prefer a different system, would you?

David Hare, The Power of Yes.

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