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The Health Scare

The Health Scare I’m living with Uncertainty and Fear. I need to say their names and make them rhyme. Two monsters. I can’t make them disappear. I’m living with Uncertainty and Fear. Though abstract nouns are not a good idea, And abstract nouns with capital letters, a crime, I’m living with Uncertainty and Fear. It […]


The Sorrow of Socks. Some socks are loners- They can’t live in pairs. On washdays they’ve shown us They want to be loners. They puzzle their owners, They hide in dark lairs. Some socks are loners- They won’t live in pairs. Wendy Cope, “If I Don’t Know”.


Pick up the phone before its too late And dial my number. There’s no time to spare — Love is already turning into hate And very soon I’ll start to look elsewhere. Good, old-fashioned men like you are rare — You want to get to know me at a rate That’s guaranteed to drive me […]


She was Eliza for a few weeks When she was a baby- Eliza Lily. Soon it changed to Lil. Later she was Miss Steward in the baker´s shop And then ‘my love’, ‘my darling’, Mother. Widowed at thirty, she went back to work As Mrs Hand. Her daughter grew up, Married and gave birth. Now […]

Poesía a través de los siglos.

Soneto de repente. Un soneto me manda hacer Violante, que en mi vida me he visto en tanto aprieto; catorce versos dicen que es soneto, burla burlando van los tres delante. Yo pensé que no hallara consonante y estoy a la mitad de otro cuarteto, mas si me veo en el primer terceto, no hay […]