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Her trouble with men is the same as her trouble with having a single “passion”. No activity absorbs her completely, for her passion is discovery, travel, meeting the unknown, which means being free of single obsession. Theodore Zeldin. Alex Majoli


For these children are, in spirit, not children. Their backs are bent, like those of old sages, by the memory of all the failures of their parents, and of all past generations. So much knowledge has been fed into them that there is very little they can admire with enthusiasm. All previous resolutions- the history […]

Secret garden

“Everybody has a secret garden”, says a fourth. “We each appear as an image. If I revealed myself as I am, no one would believe me. So I keep my thoughts to myself. I don’t want to give my key away.” Theodore Zeldin, An Intimate History oh Humanity.

Enemigo mío.

‘Hatred is holy’, said Zola, who fought the enemies of Dreyfus not just from love of justice, but because he enjoyed fighting, and believed that he did not truly exist unless he was being attacked. So he rejoiced that he had made ‘pride and hate my two companions… I have felt younger and more courageous […]