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New Hotel Krakow

In February the poplars are even slimmer than in summer, frozen through. My family spread across the earth, beneath the earth, in different countries, poems, paintings. Noon, I’m on Na Groblach Square. I sometimes came to see my aunt and uncle here(partly out of duty). They’d stopped complaining about their fate, the system, but their […]


There’s a period between four and six in the evening when the day seems to hang, motionles and idle in the air. The work day is gone, and your mind needs the kind of rest that reading won’t provide; the evening news hasn’t yet come on TV, it is too early to start thinking about […]

El lado oscuro de Intenet.

(…) ‘We live in a age when private life is being destroyed’, Milan Kundera said in 1985. ‘The police destroy it in communist countries, journalists threaten it in democratic countries, and little by little the people themselves lose their taste for private life and their sense of it. Without secrecy, nothing is possible-not love, not […]

The Agony Of Intimacy.

My mother said to me – ‘Don’t have sex with the gods.’ I said, ‘Why not? It’s an opportunity for a girl with nothing going for her.’ My mother said, ‘Look what happened to Daphne.’ I looked. Anybody who wanted to could see Daphne on the way home from school. She was by the side […]