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Shall we choose death?

Bertrand Russell BBC Radio, London, 30 December 1954 Bertrand Russell’s claim to be remembered by his history rests on his work in mathematic and symbolic logic and his profound influence on philosophy. Yet he was also constantly involved in political affairs. Russell (1872-1970) was deprived of his fellowship at Trinity College, Cambridge, during the First […]


There is a small minority, for example, that believes that bad weather comes from bad thoughts. This is a rather mystical approach to the question, for it implies that thoughts can be translated directly into events in the physical world. According to them, when you think a dark or pessimistic thought, it produces a cloud […]

Money and Morals

The invention Of weights and measures Makes robbery easier. Signing contracts, setting seals, Makes robbery more sure. Teaching love and duty Provides a fitting language With which to prove that robbery Is really for the general good. A poor man must swing For stealing a belt buckle But if a rich man steals a whole […]


A mature society is one that reserves its moral outrage for what really matters: poverty and preventable disease in the third world, arms sales, oppression, injustice. Bad language and sex might offend some, who certainly have a right to complain; but they do not have the right to censor. They do not have to watch […]

Humor gráfico.

Martin Rowson para GRANTA, 84. “Over There. How America Sees the World.” MAPPING AMERICA By the way, Justice: Fairness and the Big Society.

Cuentos correctos para un mundo incorrecto.

LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD. There one was a young person named Red Riding Hood who lived with her mother on the edge of a large wood. One day her mother asked her to take a basket of fresh fruit and mineral water to her grandmother’s house-not because this was womyn’s work, mind you, but because […]


By excessive individualism we mean the belief that the prime duty of the individual is to make the most of her own life, rather than to contribute to the good of others. Of course, some degree of individualism is necessary for survival, and individual choice and self/determination are vital ingredients of a good life. But […]


The essence of a good society…is that every member, regardless of gender, race or ethnic origin, should have access to a rewarding life. Allowance there must be for undoubted differences in aspiration and qualification. Individuals differ in physical and mental facility, commitment and purpose, and from these differences come differences in achievement and economic reward. […]


Dublín, Irlanda, 1729 Es un asunto melancólico para quienes pasean por esta gran ciudad o viajan por el campo, ver las calles, los caminos y las puertas de las cabañas atestados de mendigos del sexo femenino, seguidos de tres, cuatro o seis niños, todos en harapos e importunando a cada viajero por una limosna. Esas […]


Exige al PP que retire su recurso contra el matrimonio homosexual ante el TC Han actuado 0 personas Nos faltan 0 firmas Actúa ahora Tu nombre Tu apellido Tu correo-e Cód. Postal Acepto las Norm. de Uso y Pol. de Priv. Quiero info. de Firma la petición