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There is a small minority, for example, that believes that bad weather comes from bad thoughts. This is a rather mystical approach to the question, for it implies that thoughts can be translated directly into events in the physical world. According to them, when you think a dark or pessimistic thought, it produces a cloud […]


Sin discutir ahora cuáles son los fundamentos metafísicos, ya de la religión, ya de una religión en especial, basta con que, comprobada como está por los sociólogos la necesidad humana del fenómeno religioso para disciplina y orientación de las sociedades, consignemos, a modo de corolario, que más disciplinará y orientará a las sociedades aquella religión […]

Bieito XVI na illa.

Cuestión de fe.

The talking back started soon after I’d read his book Hawk-Occupation: Skateboarder. I sort of knew what he sounded like then, and some of the things he’d say. To be honest, I sort of knew all the things he’d say when he talked to me, because they came out of his book. (…) After a […]

Persecución religiosa.

‘We are hounded on all sides, but they can’t deal with us,’ the Archbishop of Pamplona, Fernando Sebastián told a congress of Catholic lay people held in Madrid in 2004. ‘We are persecuted, but we shall never be annihilated.’ This is rethorical nonsense. For a start, the Church- diminished thought it may be-is a very […]

Dios belicoso.

Dios de las venganzas, Yahveh, Dios de las venganzas, manifiéstate. Levántate, el que gobiernas en la tierra, da su merecido a los soberbios. ¿Hasta cuándo los impíos, oh Señor, hasta cuándo los impíos triunfarán? Van, con lenguas arrogantes, provocando y jactándose todos los fautores de maldad. A tu pueblo, Señor, están pisando, humillando tu heredad. […]

In God we trust (el amigo invisible y el del dólar)

The God of Victory. There is nothing to mark Osteen’s Lakewood Church, which I visited in the summer of 2008, as sanctified territory-no crosses, no stained glass windows, no images of Jesus. From my hotel room window, just across a six-lane highway from the church, it’s a squat, warehouselike structure completely at home among the […]

Sobre los milagros.

MILAGRO (Manual de instrucciones) Entre la realidad virtual y el solipsismo hay un espacio neutro que suelen frecuentar los muy piadosos. Son los mismos que informan cada día de la proximidad del gran portento. Incluso en épocas de crisis mortuorias, cuando hasta los fuegos fatuos escasean, tienden a simular dos realidades y hacerlas doblemente imaginarias. […]

¿Víctimas o verdugos?… o sobre Israel.

Time out for a demonstration of power without compassion. I am reminded of the classic demonstration by an elementary school teacher, Jane Elliott, who taught her students the nature of prejuice and discrimination by arbitrarily relating the eye color of children in her classroom to high or low status. When those with blue eyes were […]