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Partons vite

Allez danse, danse, retourne-toi Allez tourne, tourne, ne t’arrête pas Allez partons vite, si tu veux bien, dès le jour J’ai manqué d’air je m’en souviens, Toutes ses années sans toi sans rien Même mes chansons se baladaient le cur lourd


(…) As far as I’ve seen, from the bush In the wilderness, to every known city I’ve been to Saudi Arabia, dug up Calcutta So I went to Mozambique, Istanbul, Rio, Rome Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Taiwan, Great Britain Belfast, to the desert, Spain Some little bitty island in the middle of the Pacific All the […]

Ole, ole, Lola Flores

Officium Defunctorum

Squalor Victoria

You’re zoning out, zoning out, zoning out, zoning out This isn’t working, you, my middlebrow fuck up

Goodbye England

Winter was on us, at the end my nose, and I’ll never love England more than when covered in snow.


Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary (Funeral Sentences) Z. 860

Mozart’s Violin Concerto No.5 in A Major ‘Turkish’ K.219, Allegro aperto

Los toros en la Wii