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Ejercicios de estilo.

Relato Una mañana a mediodía, junto al parque Monceau, en la plataforma trasera de un autobús casi completo de la línea S (en la actualidad el 84), observé a un personaje con el cuello bastante largo que llevaba un sombrero de fieltro rodeado de un cordón trenzado en lugar de cinta. Este individuo interpeló, de […]


There’s a period between four and six in the evening when the day seems to hang, motionles and idle in the air. The work day is gone, and your mind needs the kind of rest that reading won’t provide; the evening news hasn’t yet come on TV, it is too early to start thinking about […]

Frases de madres anglosajonas.

Someday your face will freeze like that! What if everyone jumped off a cliff…Would you do it, too? You’re going to put your eye out with that thing! Don’t put that in your mouth…you don’t know where it’s been. Did you flush? I hope someday you have children just like you. If I have to […]

¿Por qué se culpa al número 13?

THIRTEEN AT TABLE. In many cultures the presence of thirteen at a dinner table is considered unlucky. In part this is due to the general superstitions which surrounded the number, yet it is clear that dining with thirteen is a special concern. The French used to hire an additional dinner (or Quartorzienne) to make up […]


Antes de Penélope.

Supuesta última fotografía de James Dean días antes de su muerte. La que se ríe tanto es Saritísima. «Llevo fumando puros toda mi vida. Y de hombre no tengo nada, ni una uña. Maricona sí, pero hombre no. Lo que ocurre es que tengo carácter y una forma de ser… muy amplia». «Después de mis […]


But the problem was obvious. In the middle of the nineteenth century, only married students at the Royal Academy were allowed to draw from the female nude. And it was alleged, not entirely plausibly, that the reason John Ruskin, the century’s greatest artistic authority, had been unable to consummate his marriage to Effie Gray was […]

Chao, “Lost”.

Otra telenovela menos. Bueno, en las telenovelas las cosas están más claras. Aquí se tiraron el rollo seis años para vender humo y new-age.

Monarquía de Tavolara.

GIUSEPPE BARTOLEONI (1780?-1848?), King of Tavolara. One day in 1833, Carlo Alberto (1798-1848), King of Sardinia, instructed the captain of his ship to leave him on the island of Tavolara-located off the coast of Sardinia- for a few hours of solitary hunting. After a short time, the king was approached by a huge man more […]

Tunantes del Covent Garden.

Desde el cariño, por supuesto.