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Sissy Sullivan: I’m trying, I’m trying to help you. Brandon Sullivan: How are you helping me, huh? How are you helping me? How are you helping me? Huh? Look at me. You come in here and you’re a weight on me. Do you understand me? You’re a burden. You’re just dragging me down. How are […]

The artist

George Valentin: Look at what you’ve become. You’ve become proud! You’ve become stupid!

The Descendants

My friends on the mainland think just because I live in Hawaii, I live in paradise, like a permanent vacation. We’re all just out here, sipping Mai Tais, shaking our hips, catching waves. Are they insane? Do they think we are immune to life? How can they possibly think our families are less screwed up, […]

A guide to recognizing your saints

Dito: In the end – just like I said – I left everything, and everyone. But no one, no one has ever left me.

Apuntes sobre la intolerancia.

Today as yesterday, endlessly rocking, ever bringing the same human passions, the same joys and sorrows. Seeing youth drawn to youth, Miss Jenkins realizes the bitter fact that she is no longer a part of the younger world. Y a partir de ahí, la marimorena…

El columpio

We need to talk about Kevin

Eva: Haven’t you ever wished you had somebody else around to play with? Kevin, 6-8 Years: No. Eva: You might like it. Kevin, 6-8 Years: What if I don’t like it? Eva: Then you get used to it. Kevin, 6-8 Years: Just because you’re used to something doesn’t mean you like it. You’re used to […]


Anna: But now I’m always in a new apartment or in another hotel somewhere. Oliver: How do you keep hold of friends? Or boyfriends? Anna: Makes it very easy to end up alone. To leave people. Oliver: You can stay in the same place and still find ways to leave people.

The tree of life

The only way to be happy is to love. Unless you love, your life will flash by. Do good to them. Wonder. Hope.

Muerte y propiedad

– El miedo a la muerte es algo más complicado…Yo me pregunto- duda Ferreri mientras mastica su merluza-, me pregunto qué se sentía cuando a la muerte no la llamaban muerte. O qué siente un perro al morir. Supongo que dice ¿qué me pasa? Nosotros no: nosotros al enfrentarnos a la muerte decimos, ¡ay!, me […]