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Number 10

Un #renard passe devant le 10, Downing Street, à Londres le 6 mai, veille des élections générales au Royaume-Uni. // A #fox runs past the front door of 10 Downing Street on the eve of a general election in the United Kingdom. Photo via @afpphoto #downingstreet #ge15 #UK #international #news #imagedujour A photo posted by […]

Chema Madoz, regar lo escondido

Imprescindibles – Chema Madoz, regar lo escondido from Miguel Angel on Vimeo.

On beauty and ageing

Carmen Dell’Orefice sobre la belleza y el paso el tiempo.


Los inmensamente talentosos integrantes del proyecto fotográfico de la Farm Security Administration, a finales de los años treinta(Walker Evans, Dorothea Lange, Ben Shahn, Russell Lee, entre otros) hacían docenas de fotografías frontales de cada uno de sus aparceros hasta que quedaban satisfechos de haber conseguido el aspecto adecuado en la película: la expresión precisa en […]


Elena de Julia Schestag en la National Portrait Gallery.


The hand of an acid attack victim hangs from a bed during a therapy session at a secure shelter outside Phnom Penh run by the Cambodia Acid Survivors Charity. 7 July 2010. Reuters. Our World Now 4.

Glamour of the Gods

Glamour of the Gods en la National Portrait Gallery hasta el 23 de octubre.


Her trouble with men is the same as her trouble with having a single “passion”. No activity absorbs her completely, for her passion is discovery, travel, meeting the unknown, which means being free of single obsession. Theodore Zeldin. Alex Majoli


James Nachtwey, “Survivor of a Hutu death camp” This photograph of a young Hutu man who had been repeatedly attacked with a machete thus becomes an accusation towards the West for having closed its eyes to the humanitarian catastrophe that was happening in Rwanda. From 6 April to mid-July 1994, in just one hundred days, […]

Fotografía familiar.

No wonder we record banalities. Photographs are how we keep in touch. (…) Photographs provide at least a visual record of our past. Looking at our parents and grandparents and even our great-grandparents; looking at their dress, their surroundings, their class and aspirations, fixes us in society (…) And in this photographs also provide us […]