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The gypsy’s wife

Too early for the rainbow, too early for the dove These are the final days, this is the darkness, this is the flood And there is no man or woman who can’t be touched But you who come between them will be judged.

Ideologías y violencia

Our blindness to the results of systematic violence is perhaps most clearly perceptible in debates about communist crimes. Responsibility for communist crimes is easy to allocate: we are dealing with subjective evil, with agents who did wrong. We can ever identify the ideological sources of the crimes-totalitarian ideology, The communist Manifesto, Rousseau, even Plato. But […]


There is a small minority, for example, that believes that bad weather comes from bad thoughts. This is a rather mystical approach to the question, for it implies that thoughts can be translated directly into events in the physical world. According to them, when you think a dark or pessimistic thought, it produces a cloud […]



According to a well-known anecdote, a German officer visited Picasso in his Paris studio during the Second World War. There he saw Guernica and, shocked at the modernist ‘chaos’ of the painting, asked Picasso: ‘Did you do this?’ Picasso calmly replied: ‘No, you did this!’

No meio do caminho

No meio do caminho tinha uma pedra tinha uma pedra no meio do caminho tinha uma pedra no meio do caminho tinha uma pedra. Nunca me esquecerei desse acontecimento na vida de minhas retinas tão fatigadas. Nunca me esquecerei que no meio do caminho tinha uma pedra tinha uma pedra no meio do caminho no […]

Lecturas peligrosas

This is why we are consciously relieved when we turn to reading after being occupied with our own thoughts. But, in reading, our head is, however, really only the arena of some one else’s thoughts. And so it happens that the person who reads a great deal—that is to say, almost the whole day, and […]

German Phenomenology Makes Me Want to Strip and Run through North London

Page seven – I’ve had enough of Being and Time and of clothing. Many streakers seek quieter locations and Marlborough Road’s unreasonably quiet tonight. If it were winter I’d be intellectual, but it’s Tuesday and I’d rather be outside, naked, than learned – rather lap the tarmac escarpment of Archway Roundabout wearing only a rucksack. […]

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