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Ofelia cabreada.

Ophelia’s Confession Every day God pats my head and calls me angel, his little broken woman and gives me flowers as if I hadn’t had enough of these and I choke back my rage and he mistakes this for distress as I stand there shaking in my little sackcloth dress. Had I ever had the […]


Let’s Go Over It All Again Some people are like that They split up and then they think; Hey, maybe we haven’t hurt each other to the uttermost. Let’s meet up and have a drink. Let’s go over it all again Let’s rake over the dirt. Let me pick that scab of yours Does it […]


Her trouble with men is the same as her trouble with having a single “passion”. No activity absorbs her completely, for her passion is discovery, travel, meeting the unknown, which means being free of single obsession. Theodore Zeldin. Alex Majoli

“¿Y vosotros de qué circo sois?”


The light of our cigarettes Went and came in the gloom: It was dark in the little room. Dark, and then, in the dark Sudden a flash, a glow, And a hand and a ring I know. And then through the dark, a flush Ruddy and vague, the grace- A rose-of her lyric face. Arthur […]

Red tape

George Tooker, Government Bureau.


The Newborn, George de La Tour.


For these children are, in spirit, not children. Their backs are bent, like those of old sages, by the memory of all the failures of their parents, and of all past generations. So much knowledge has been fed into them that there is very little they can admire with enthusiasm. All previous resolutions- the history […]

The Great Bear

Simon Patterson. Y para Cristina.

Loving the rituals

Loving the rituals that keep men close, Nature created means for friends apart: Pen, paper, ink, the alphabet, sings for the distant and disconsolate heart. Palladas.