Archivos mensuales: julio 2010

Cuestión de fe.

The talking back started soon after I’d read his book Hawk-Occupation: Skateboarder. I sort of knew what he sounded like then, and some of the things he’d say. To be honest, I sort of knew all the things he’d say when he talked to me, because they came out of his book. (…) After a […]


There once a coquette who had a suitor whom she couldn’t get rid of. He took her promises and avowals seriously, and would not leave. He even believed her hints. This annoyed her, because it got in the way of new temporary acquaintances, their presents, flattery, flowers, dinners and so forth. Finally Yvonne insulted and […]


Also I am not writing this for fun, but for several reasons which I will explain. (1) As I started by saying, because I want the entire truth. (2) Because I know of no truthful record of such a connection-one that is written, I mean, with no desire to appeal to a vicious taste in […]


¡Por fin!