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Manhattan Pictures.

MANHATTAN PICTURES from I. L. Escudero on Vimeo.


Duncan knew that he and Elliott weren’t the same. Elliott had surely never written about Crowe- or, if he had, the work would almost certainly unpublishable. Duncan also doubted whether Elliott had the emotional maturity to appreciate the breathtaking accomplishment of Juliet (which, as far as Duncan was concerned, was a darker, deeper, more fully […]


Undressing for sex when you feel you’re fat. It’s easy to tell someone’s self conscious about being overweight because when they undress for sex they always take their trousers off before their shirt. Another dead giveaway is the futile attempt to hold their stomach in whilst trying to pull off their socks. With practise what […]


“Todo tiene su momento y, cada cosa, su tiempo bajo el cielo: Hay tiempo de nacer y tiempo de morir. Hay tiempo de plantar y tiempo de arrancar lo plantado. Hay tiempo de matar y tiempo de sanar. Hay tiempo de destruir y tiempo de edificar. Hay tiempo de llorar y tiempo de reír. Hay […]


Un petit coup au carreau, comme si quelque chose l’avait heurté, suivi d’une ample chute légère comme de grain de sable qu’on eût laissés tomber d’une fenêtre au-dessus, puis la chute s’étendant, se réglant, adoptant un rythme, devenant fluide, sonore, musicale, innombrable, universelle: c’était la pluie. Marcel Proust, Por el camino de Swann. En busca […]

Historia del arte.

Merci à toi.

Blah, blah, whatever.

For a long time there has been a general assumption that women talk more than men and are better at talking than men are(…) Scientist at Arizona University then decided to try to prove or disprove the claim by studying the daily utterances of nearly four hundred people. Matthias Mehl, the lead researcher, commented that […]


Una versión muy buena de Bowie. La pena es que perdí el archivo y no hay forma de encontrarla por cauces legales. ¿Habrá que usar los ilegales?

¿Por qué masturbarse puede tener consecuencias políticas?

Para Tomoko, que estaba intrigada por esta pregunta. I must have been about eighteen at the time, still hopelessly in love with Ilona and hungering to embrace any woman, when I found myself alone one day in the deserted wing of a university library with a girl student who later became a star tennis player, […]

Juventudes políticas.

(…)he was the short of conservative who was also an anti-fascist, and alarmed by Hitler’s rise to power in Germany, he used his influence ands authority to have local meetings of the Hungarian Nazi Party banned. In 1935, when I was two years old, he was stabbed to death by an adolescent Nazi chosen for […]